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(Archived) Nested subtags with unique ID's

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Sorry if I'm posting on a topic that's already been covered. Being new to Evernote and not fluent in the terminology, I scoured around trying to find an answer and finally said ***** it... I'm just going post a new topic and suck it up if I get yelled at. 8)

I've seen several posts that discuss the limitations of sub-tags when you're trying to use the same name in a different parent hierarchy. Evernote errs out indicating that this is a duplicate tag.





Which generates a duplicate tag error.

I could do this, but it's contrary to the way I want to organize my data:




I could also do something like this, but it would start getting ugly really fast with all kinds of weird tag names:





I would like to suggest a solution to this problem.... Give the user the option to make a new sub-tag unique in the hierarchy (or not.) In other words, internally, Evernote could represent a unique hierarchy by concatenating the nested tag names something like this:








Evernote could create a unique ID internally (the user doesn't have to see the implementation) by combining the branch tag-names resulting in something like this:

The first branch would be assigned the ID:


And the second branch would be assigned the ID:


In essence, these ID's could be thought of as the tag names for each branch, and since those tag names are unique there is no issue with duplicates. Problem solved.

This should be a global option to accommodate users who could care less and want to continue to use the current data model, as well as an option on a tag-by-tag basis.

Hope this makes some sense.



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I doubt your suggestion would be implemented any time soon (if ever) since I suspect it would require a lot of work on all clients.

Since you don't want to nest Windows/Mac under app notes, the best way to do what you'd want to do is simply not nest the tags. Then you can tag something "app notes" & "Windows" or "Mac" as applicable. Then you can search on notes tagged "app notes" and "___" where ___ is your OS of choice.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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