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(Archived) Exact Search in Evernote



I jnow, I wrote this a few times as a feature request, but I think it was always skipped. But I think it is really a feature, which MUST come, because this is really one point, where Yojimbo and some others are better than Evernote:

Exact search in notes.

If I am searching for "afflili.net", I only want to see notes, where exactly this domain is listed and not all stuff, where "net" or "affili" is listed.... The same problem is if I search inside a note: I cant really search for domainnames, which have such names, because I get too many results. And until now, there is no way to only get the exact hits. If I search like this in google: "keyword" (not just keyword without ""), then I find only exact matches... why is this not possible in Evernote???

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Evernote does do exact searches. If you search for "one two" (enclosed in quotation marks), you will only find notes where the word "one" is followed by the word "two", excluding notes that contain the words "one" and "two" but not together. (IE "a one anda two") The period is considered a delimiter so affili & net are indexed as two words. If you want to search on URLs, you'd do better to put the URL in the URL field of the note & then search on the URL. IE:


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Ok, maybe this works for you, but its not very handy, if I want to find EXACTLY "affili.net" and I find lines which look like "affliliate otherdomain.net"... why isn't there any feature to search just exactly what you type "affili.net". The software just ignores "." and even "-" in the searchphrase...

I like the syncing a lot, but searching is a bag of hurt...

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It's really not that unhandy.

Depends on the application and the need.

If you are used to full text search (like Google), it is not only very unhandy, but could result in a failed search.

Each of us have our own needs. Whenever a piece of software does not meet our need, it is "unhandy" or worse by definition. I see no point in trying to convince someone that their need is "invalid".

Let's keep to a technical discussion of the product.

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Well, I dont want to say the product is worse... its a great application. But I really miss this easy function, which just searches exactly what I type... this is done but the cheapest text-editor and I just want a way to have this functionality. It is no complicated feature... just something very simple... but I miss it since the first installation of evernote, which was before many months.

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