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[FE] - V10 - Note specific option to disable automatic preview for YouTube Videos



In previous V6.25 was able to just post the url for a YouTube video without the video preview coming up. 

In V10 can we add the option for the notes default action on what to do with the url for YouTube videos or video links in general?

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I think I found a work-around for this if you didn't already figure one out. If you just paste the link in on a new line or a bulleted list or something, then the preview box pops up automatically when you hit space or enter. However, if you start with any character before (like a '-' in my case) then when you paste the link it won't put the preview in. It looks like it works for any keystroke, so you could just hit space bar first on a line and then hit ctrl-v and it won't do the preview (if you don't want any visible characters before the link). So: [new line] "ctrl-v" > space/enter gets a preview. [new line] "-" > ctrl-v gets no preview.

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13 minutes ago, nonobio said:


It seems that Undo (CTRL+Z) cancel the just generated preview :) .

At least on Windows...


But then as soon as you press enter to go to the next line it puts the preview back in again.

The most reliable way I have found on windows is

  • ctrl+K to open the create link box
  • press tab to move to the link field
  • ctrl+V to paste link
  • enter to save and close the dialogue box

The advantage of this over changing it manually is that it can all be achieved using the keyboard.


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