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Web Clipper button "grayed" out and non-functional in Safari toolbar

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My Web Clipper button in the toolbar is faint (i.e. translucent and not fully opaque), and isn't functioning.

I am able to access Web Clipper with my keyboard shortcut.

Any idea what's going on?




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There was no EN web clipper for iPhone, there is no EN web clipper for iPhone.

All clipper apps on the AppStore are 3rd party, and most have no current releases. So - surprise - they don't work with the new release.

Clipping itself works on iOS devices through the sharing tool, and IMHO is does not work good. But this is another story.

The web clipper for Safari on my Mac (Catalina, EN legacy) is working as it did the last weeks and months.

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It was working fine for me on Mac with Catalina—but not functioning properly with Big Sur...

However, I fixed it—disabling then reenabling the extension in Safari Preferences did the trick!



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