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When Evernote app is first opened and a new main viewer window appears the focus of the cursor is in the note name field with the entire name highlighted. Accidentally typing any key deletes the entire name. This is a real pain and happens to me daily.

Suggest to make the focus of cursor in the search field instead.

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I don't see this behavior on my Mac with version 1.11. If I quit the app and then launch it again, there doesn't seem to be any keyboard focus until I click somewhere.

What version are you using?

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Using Mac version 1.110. Just checked to confirm the behavior. Open EN and Note title field is highlighted. Hitting any key replaces the name of the note with that key. If Evernote is running and no windows open, open a new window and same behavior. This is on a new computer with a fresh install of EN since opening this topic. Three times today have accidentally erased the title of notes.

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