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  1. Using Mac version 1.110. Just checked to confirm the behavior. Open EN and Note title field is highlighted. Hitting any key replaces the name of the note with that key. If Evernote is running and no windows open, open a new window and same behavior. This is on a new computer with a fresh install of EN since opening this topic. Three times today have accidentally erased the title of notes.
  2. When Evernote app is first opened and a new main viewer window appears the focus of the cursor is in the note name field with the entire name highlighted. Accidentally typing any key deletes the entire name. This is a real pain and happens to me daily. Suggest to make the focus of cursor in the search field instead.
  3. This extra lines thing needs to be fixed asap. It's making the app useless to me. I now have 4 or 5 inches between each line of text. Extremely frustrated.
  4. Many of my text notes are protected with encryption. I've had an ongoing problem that each time I open my encrypted notes there gets added carriage returns between groups of text. I only noticed this morning that it happens every time I enter an encrypted note. This must be a bug. For example. Line One Line Two Line Three Line Four becomes Line One Line Two Line Three Line Four Evernote keeps automatically adding more blank lines between my sets of text. My oft opened notes have huge gaps that I must keep deleting. Please advise
  5. Funny, after posting the previous post I noticed the nice Evernote pink on pink highlighting in this forum search. That is awesome and a perfect example of how Evernote should do highlighting.
  6. Highlight should be yellow leaving the background to whatever it is naturally. Hopefully this will get changed some day. It's also my ONLY gripe with Evernote.
  7. Searching this forum reveals this issue has been discussed previously. I want to renew this discussion. Using Mac version of EN. 1. Searching notes results in graying out everything except the found phrase. I hate this and feel others do also. Like most other applications, it would be much better if the found phrase was highlighted in yellow or some other color/method option. The reasoning: I want to find a phone number by searching a name. Using search, the phone number is really dark behind that gray mask on my very bright Macbook Pro. The number is the part I want to read - Not the search phrase which is highlighted in white. 2. I want to click on the note - after the search - to get rid of the gray mask so I can read what is there. This works in text notes just fine. In pdf's or other images it doesn't work or so it seems. Requires some fiddling. To remove the mask I must return to the search field and delete the search phrase to remove the mask. This is all very cumbersome and frustrating. Evernote does exactly what I want it to do - all day long - searching for the info I've saved in notes. But when I get to the found phrase I am terribly frustrated. Hope this will be changed.
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