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I have an idea...maybe allow your users to format their text in the text-editing and notation app you're providing. 

For the past few weeks all text formatting options in the web browser version of evernote just disappear. For no reason at all. 

I figured out I can switch to a new tab and all of sudden they appear again, but that is an absurd way to work. 


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1842479952_ScreenShot2020-10-19at9_20_56PM.thumb.png.56bf114d6ae9c0ca830a6d58efb94f37.pngWhile trying to type in the web/browser version of Evernote all text formatting options of the WYSIWYG just disappear for no reason. When I go to highlight something, there is no highlight tool or toolbar for that matter to be found. Only when I switch to a new browser tab and back again do the options appear for a split second. That is no way to work. 

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