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  1. While trying to type in the web/browser version of Evernote all text formatting options of the WYSIWYG just disappear for no reason. When I go to highlight something, there is no highlight tool or toolbar for that matter to be found. Only when I switch to a new browser tab and back again do the options appear for a split second. That is no way to work.
  2. I have an idea...maybe allow your users to format their text in the text-editing and notation app you're providing. For the past few weeks all text formatting options in the web browser version of evernote just disappear. For no reason at all. I figured out I can switch to a new tab and all of sudden they appear again, but that is an absurd way to work. FIX THIS THING!
  3. I need to be able to open notes in a new tab/window -- I am using Evernote for research so having multiple open at once is essential. The classic evernote made this easy to do via right click.
  4. Google docs provides this very basic, essential functionality - linking to sections within notes is a necessity. It's just simple html via anchor tags. Any basic WYSIWYG allows this, too.
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