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Changing date in note-information, date of creation or date of modification



Why ist the last update much worse then before??

Since the last update, you don´t have the possibility to change the date of creation or the date of modification!!! For collacting documents and mails it is very important to bring them in a chronologically order if you have sent the documents days later to Evernote. Please change the important possibility.

An other point.

From now by google, safari-browser and in ios there is no more the possibility to fix the row of notebooks. By tapping on a notebook you get the view of the list of notes. It would be better to have 3 rows for changing a note in an other notebook, like the way in the os application.

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I was struggling with the issue of choosing the date of creation as well as I use this feature to keep notes in the order that I choose to have them. You can edit the date created by hitting the 3 dots thingie at the top RHS of the note, scrolling down to Note Info and there you can change the Created date. I hope that helps.


I do agree with the general viewpoint that a lot of things that users used regularly have now been made more difficult (less intuitive) to find. Perhaps the developers were so in love with innovating that they threw out what made the product good.

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3 hours ago, Burkard said:

symSarah, thanks for your reply. You describe the way of the older version of EV. In the MacApp you don´t have that possibility for changing the dates

release 10.1.4 allows created date edit


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