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How to "Join" Business Notebooks in EN 10?

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If the business has listed them in the directory, you should be able to click on Spaces Directory on the left-hand side and it will open up the available notebooks to join. From there you just join as normal. The business and personal accounts were recently split, so you'll want to make sure that you are logged into your business account. 

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8 minutes ago, Tim Kowal (b) said:

Does that mean that the only way you can have access to a Business Notebook (other than the ones you yourself created) is to make them part of a "Space"?

You should be able to have access to notebooks that are not in spaces. I apologize for jumping right to spaces. That’s how I have my business notebook set up.

if you aren’t seeing them in your list you could also check the admin section of your business settings. There will be a Notes books section and you can add them back to your account from there. 

however, the notebooks that you didn’t create can be either place depending on if the owner of the notebook shared it directly with you or if they just shared it in space space. I hope that makes sense. 

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4 minutes ago, Tim Kowal (b) said:

I mean, there used to be a button next to the Notebooks button/heading that allowed you to browse your business directory. I can't seem to find any way to get back there under the new version 10 update.

I always forget about the Business Directory. You're correct. It's currently not there in the new release and I'm not seeing it in the Legacy option either.

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