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Notes automatically scrolls to the end during reading


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This is current Evernote version.

v 9.7.0 build 1765 beta
Editor: v107.3.13847
Service: v1.20.11
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Lately I have been facing a lot of auto-scrolls to the end of note when I am reading the top/middle sections of the note. Not sure what's making it go to the end of the note. Am I the only one facing it?

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Hi.  Not sure I recognise the version you're using.  Is that the web or an installed client?  Have you checked for updates lately?  There's a new web version (which is not labelled 'beta'),  and though I'm not on my Windows desktop at the moment,  the version there is in the 20's AFAIR...

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5 minutes ago, SaintPaulXV said:

Hi. It's an installed client. It's the beta version for which I received a mail in September.

Ah.  Betas are an exciting new area where bugs and glitches are expected - and one I decided to avoid in the interests of getting work done.  They also have a special forum area,  where I've moved your thread - the developers will be watching for feedback.

If the scrolling is an issue for you,  I can only suggest you dump the beta and go back to the current public version which (I checked) is 6.25.

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