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I have not seen any notation for wild carding characters to allow embedded searches. It looks like the web version's searching is very broken at the moment, but wild carding isn't even recognized as valid according to dialog. I have posted about version 2 that Smart search is really anything but smart. It doesn't support regular expressions and I have found their home grown search syntax to be very limited. If you don't remember the exact spelling of the word from the beginning you are just out of luck. You'll have to take a guess at another word in the note, or scroll on the time line to the time you think you might have entered it and scroll through all of your notes until you find it. If anyone knows how to wild card I would love to know. This is a major issue I have with finding notes.

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wow, you used to be able to use *note in 2.2 to find words like "evernote". But I just tested it in 3 and that just just gives you an error.

Another reason to stick with 2.2, I guess.

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Crane, you are correct that 2.2 will allow *note but it is limited to just that; the beginning of a word. Actually the behavior is more like *note*, but the trailing * is implied through the default behavior. If you had something that you were looking for where you knew the first couple letters and the ending you cannot do something like ev*te to match evernote. This is very useful for names for which you just can't remember the correct spelling, programming class names, functions, methods, tag names, drive paths, web addresses, etc.

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*note gave

note, notes, evernote in Mozilla but you have to use the next or previous arrows to go from one found note to another otherwise it might get lost or add a *note* to the search word, which is "funny"

*note in the windows version gave an error

note* will only find "note" and "note" in "notes" but not "evernote"

note will only find "note" and "notes" but not "evernote"

Weird behavior if different in Mozilla or Windows....


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