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Hello, I am not sure if this topic was here already (I have not found it) so - I have a question, I use Evernote online or for Windows and I have a question how to continue with the numbering list? Because it starts from number 1 all the time. I just want to continue with the numbering. I have copied some text from Word and it seems like it recognized the formatting of numbering list but - when I want to add new note to numbering list it does not work (it starts from no. 1 again)

Simply - the text I created is a numbered list and than there are notes under every numbered title and than the the numbered list continues, than text and so on. For example:


texttexttext texttext

2. title 

texttexttext texttext

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Hi, and welcome to the forums. I hope I'm understanding you correctly. Copying numbered lists from Word into Evernote will not always reliably produce the same type of list in Evernote, because of underlying formatting differences. The simplest thing might be to copy the list into Evernote as plain text (Ctrl+Shift+V), then highlight it all and convert it to a numbered list.

However, if I understand correctly, you want to have a numbered item, then an unnumbered paragraph relating to that item, then another numbered item with its own unnumbered text paragraph, etc. Correct? That's a little different; it might be possible in Word, but Evernote's HTML-based list style understands each new paragraph as a command to insert the next number in the list, and any unnumbered paragraph as the end of the list, so that the next numbered list item would start at 1. I'm not sure there's a way to do this in Evernote.

Hold the phone, I found something that seems to produce that result. Create a numbered list, with each entry consisting of the title and some dummy text. Once you've got a few numbered items, go to the start of the dummy text in the first item and press Enter. This of course starts a new paragraph and new numbered item. Then indent that item, using Ctrl+M or the indent icon on the toolbar. This indents it as a numbered item and restores the later numbered items to their original numbering. Then remove numbering from the dummy text, using Ctrl+Shift+O or clicking the numbered-list icon. For me, that leaves the dummy text as unnumbered text under the first numbered item, with subsequent numbered items being in proper sequence. It's easier to do than to explain; give it a try.

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