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(Archived) Extra line spaces added after every save


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If you create a new note on the Android and edit that a few times, does the same thing happen?

If not, then it may be specific to the origin of the note ... where did you create the note in question, and how?

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I met same trouble.

In my case,

when I created and saved a new note on windows client and then entered into edit mode on android client an extra line was added for each original line.

I thought it probably derived from the difference of the line feed code between OSs.

Windows XP, 7 JP EN

Android 1.6 JP sharp IS01 1.5.1 (97121)

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I can confirm that the same thing happens for me when I create text notes on the Windows client and then edit the note on Android. Every save adds another carriage return between lines. It's a very frustrating experience and I hope that it's at least fixed in EN 2.0 for Android if not the current client.

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This is fixed in 2.0.

Where is 2.0? in the Android Marketplace it says the current version is 1.5.1

I have the same issue. Every note created (when created either in the Android app or on desktop app) when opened with the Android app, it adds extra line spaces after each paragraph, each time the note is edited. Very annoying, and i find i no longer use Evernote because of it.

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