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is there a shortcut to access the title field in evernote web clipper mac ?

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When I use evernote web clipper in chrome for mac, I usually modify the title, notebook and tag. I see shortcuts for the tag and notebook, but can't find one to access the title field, which means that I have to click on the start of the field every time I clip info on a web page. It seems insignificant but is tedious when I have to do it many times a day.

thanks in advance for your time and help

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I finally found a solution, which is to use the keyboard maestro mouse click at found image action (in fact the action is not click “on” image, it is click with respect to image) to click 45 pixels above the Save Clip image, followed by ⌘←  to go to the start of the title. It works nicely and definitely speeds up my workflow.

It takes advantage of the fact that the Save Clip image is large and bright green and therefore easy for keyboard maestro image recognition action to find.

In the action, -45 means -45 below = 45 above the image.

In the end, with one keyboard maestro macro and one keyboard shortcut, I can trigger the evernote web clipper and put the cursor at the start of the title line.

thanks again very much for your reply.





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