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iPad | Deactivate handwriting with "finger" while using Apple Pencil

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Hey guys,

i use Evernote for a few years now. Yesterday I bought myself an iPad Mini with the Pencil 1 from Apple. I would love to take handwritten notes in Evernote - unfortunately I can´t find the setting to deactivate the writing with the finger. I know that a few years ago the moment you started writing with the pencil you were not able to use your finger to write anymore, which was awesome, because now I constantly make some unintentional stripes whole moving the canvas for example.

Is there a way to deactivate it?

Thanks and regards,

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I'm looking for the same. On my iPad Pro I have actually selected "Only Draw with Apple Pencil". (When enabled, only Apple Pencil will draw. Your fingers will be used for scrolling instead.) However, the input with my fingers still works and leaves marks all the time. This makes the Sketch functionality less useful for me.

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