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how to search for notes not yet synchronized?

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Hi All, from time to time I realize some notes aren't available on my iOS / Web client - after a short investigation it's because of "invalid content". A simple action (select All, CMD-X, CMD-V) resolves that issue - but it's not so easy to identify those notes. Usually I do a multi-select of a few notes and then see a small red exclamation point "!" in the summary few - indicating there is a problem.

Does anybody know an easier way to identify notes not yet synchronized to the Evernote servers? seems search grammar doesn't provide such a criteria.

The activity log may a source? I found something like this related to one of out-of-sync notes: (that ContentDirty / Dirty could be one item to search for next time):

2020/08/31 15:35:55:472 W|**  22812 -[ENSyncEngine(Notes) updateServerNoteFromLocalNoteWithID:attemptRetry:completion:]_block_invoke | Due to user exception skip up sync of note <ENMacNoteMO: 0x6... MOID: 0x90... <x-coredata://...> GUID: ... Account: (null) USN: 0 ContentUSN: 0 Title: XXX Dirty: 1 ContentDirty: 1 Hash: {length = 16, bytes = 0xbb7098195ca...} Length: 18342>

Thank you in advance for any help and/or hint.


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