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"Authentication failed"

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I got a notification from evernote that said "Authentication failed".🤔 I clicked on it and it took me to the evernote login page.➡🔑 I was wondering why it did that.🤔 It is supposed to take me to evernote and not the login page.➡🌍🛇➡🔑 But I logged in and it said that my account was deactivated.ℹ🛇

I did not deactivate my evernote account and it must of been a hacker who did it.😭 Now I am so scared that all of my notes are gone forever and can never be retrieved.😭

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Hi.  "Authentication Failure" means your login details were incorrect.  It seems unlikely that anyone would hack your account to close it down,  but even if your account is deactivated,  the content can still be retrieved.  I'd suggest you try logging in again to see whether you can see your notes.  This link includes the detail of how to reactivate an account if you need it -

Deactivate your Evernote account

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