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Apple Pencil?

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Hi, I've been using Evernote since 2011. Maybe too long...

I bought an iPad mini and an Apple Pencil thinking it would be great to replace the notebooks I'm filling up by hand at work and adding that content to my Evernote collection of readings and other stuff. Anyway...feel hugely disappointed that I can't get the Pencil to work in Penultimate. The Penultimate product page in the iTunes store even includes the Apple Pencil in the lovely photo. There doesn't seem to be any help on this on the Evernote site that I can find.  https://evernote.com/products/penultimate

The Penultimate app has a set up menu for the Jot, which I've read is no longer being supported (and was not a good pen at all).  Can someone help me with this? It feels like $99.00 down the drain if I can't get my notes into Evernote. 

Thank you!




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The Apple Pencil works natively in Penultimate   
No setup required

Does the Apple Pencil work with other apps on your  iPad?   
Try it with Apple Notes

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