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Can't add a second device

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Hi, I just bought a new Android device and want to use Evernote on it, but I can't sign in using my new device (I get an error saying "You cannot sign in at the moment. This is likely caused by a bad connection to the internet.")

When I go to my device lists from the web, I only see my first device (MacBook Pro) and there is no second device, meaning I can't even revoke my old Android device. I have already logged out from my old Android device and uninstalled Evernote from the device.

How do I log in with my new Android device?

I found similar issues on the forum, but none of them were the same issues as mine.

Thanks for your help!

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Hi, and welcome to the forums. Since you're getting the exact same error message for the exact same (lack of) reason, it seems likely that you are experiencing something similar enough to what's under discussion in those other threads that it might be more productive to join one of them.

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