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Clip multiple parts of web page into single note

Tony Mottaz


I would like to make multiple clips on a web page and have them belong to a single note.

More specifically, I want to be able to highlight multiple selections of text and grab some images and have them all appear in a single note in the same order that they appear on the web page.

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Hi.  OS? Device? Browser? Or just all clients? It is possible to highlight text and clip selection several times,  then merge the notes into one; but I don't know of any other workarounds.  Implementing this might be a little hard on small mobile screens...

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Don't know how easy it would be to allow multiple selections from different parts (including maybe differently-coded parts) of a web page to be extracted into a single note. My current work-around is to use old-fashioned copynpaste for text or images grabbed with a selective screen-shotter like Nimbus.  Sounds like it might be technically challenging, therefore expensive to do - likely not cost effective for Evernote unless a lot more people are looking for the same thing...

On the good side there were rumours of a Linux client (I'm using Mint as I sit here..) and there's a major current project to update all the apps which might include features like this.  Maybe... 

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