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Evernote contents visible while switching between apps with passcode ON

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Hi everybody


I have passcode enabled on my Evernote app. When I'm switching between apps, the contents of my Evernote are visible while switching.

It happens not just when I'm switching from Evernote to other apps, but also when I'm switching to Evernote which was previously open.

Ideally, even in multitasking screen, Evernote should show the passcode screen or blank screen as soon as it goes in background.

Evernote support is not even letting me create a ticket for this. They are trying so desperately for every user to upgrade to premium Evernote that even a basic functionality like support for the app is not available to a basic user.

I have included images of how it should be, and how it is. Look at them.


Try this on your device, and share if you have faced a similar problem.





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Hi.  On the question of help being unavailable - Evernote do make substantial software and system resources available for free:

  • The apps which can be installed on most devices regardless of operating system, plus browser and email add-ins to import data.
  • Automatic backup and sharing syncing back to the server so that notes can be available on any device
  • Substantial storage (720MB) per year - which within 5 years starts to exceed the free minimums available from all other cloud services,  and can continue indefinitely from there.
  • A Facebook Community,  the @EvernoteHelps Twitter account (which does exactly what it say on the tin),  and this Forum,  which is maintained by Evernote but -mainly- serviced by experienced user volunteers like me
  • The Basic apps have substantially the same features as subscribers - just way lower limits.  
  • All these features are updated and supported behind the scenes for free for all users.

The general package is sufficiently attractive that it has been downloaded by more people around the world than live in any single small country - over 250M when a figure was last mentioned.  Offering an open-ended free helpline on top of that would require the company to fund additional thousands of technical staff just to support free users.  I don't know of any other major company that offers anything similar.

So: this security issue has been reported by your posting here.  If you check Evernote's blogs,  they're in the middle of a major software revision so it's likely they'll integrate any changes necessary into the next version later this year...

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