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Can't restore previously synced versions of a note?

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I thought the purpose of syncing my notes was that there would be a back up of them!  I have a note that Ive been keeping and updating for 6 YEARS!!! that is now in the wrong notebook and everything is missing except for some intelligible characters.  I've had this happen before (did not have automatic syncing at that time) and was told that syncing the notes was the way to avoid having them lost. Now what are my options??  Is there truly no way to get previous versions restored without a monthly subscription??  If so, what the hell is the point of syncing the basic version?

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Hi. Have you tried checking the note on a laptop by signing in via Evernote.com?  Mobile devices get synced because - for reasons of bandwidth and storage space - your notes aren't stored there.  The originals are on Evernote's servers,  and the mobile shows a search index from which you can download your note to view/ edit as required. 

As you've discovered however,  short notes are better than one long note because a glitch anywhere in the system between 'phone / network / server can compromise the data.  If you have several notes saved as "<date> mydata",  at least the others should be safe.

If the browser version is exactly the same as your 'phone I can only suggest that you consider subscribing - even if only for a month or two - to get access to Evernote support,  and to the Note History feature.  If the note is in the wrong notebook however I'm concerned that Note History may not be available either.  The only way to find out though is to try... 

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