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New note is not getting opened in the new window

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I have been using desktop application in my windows PC. 
I have an issue with creating and opening a new note. The new note is not getting opened in a new window even though it shows in the status bar.
Even though I click on a new note which is displayed on status bar it does not pop up in the new window.
It is not even shown in the note panel. The existing note is also not getting in the new window even though I double-clicked on it or using the using shortcut to do the same.
I have even checked new note options in tools options, the box is checked with tick mark.
I have closed the application and re-run it but of no use, even I have restarted my 
PC to check if it is fixed or not. The result is the same.
I have illustrated with red color the issue in the attachment.
kindly solve the issue asap.304165032_Evernoteissue.thumb.jpg.af4ea56d0f589e63a266d3d844206f29.jpg

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On 7/27/2020 at 5:42 AM, Juggernaut said:

kindly solve the issue asap.


This is a -mainly- user-supported Forum. As users, we can offer information and suggestions from our collective experience. Although Evernote staffers do read the posts here, and there are Admins to keep everyone in line, there's no guarantee how soon your post will be seen.

Evernote support is available via the website for subscribers.  I seem to remember that new notes opening in a separate window was reported in another thread as an issue for some users,  but no matter what fixes were suggested,  Windows would always open the note wherever it wanted.

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