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(Archived) Change billing date:

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Ok, thanks. The main problem is that the billing handlers (Google Checkout, PayPal, and our credit card processor) don't make it easy to change the date for a "recurring" subscription, since the user only authorized a specific monthly/yearly date. Any change to that date would require that the user authorize the change with the relevant payment processor, which isn't supported by some of them.

(I.e. PayPal gives us no way to send someone to them to authorize a date change.)

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Weighing in: I'd really love to be able to change my billing date to the 1st also without canceling & resubscribing.

I assume if you cancel & resubscribe it deletes all your uploads/files?

Would love to see this feature. It's crucial to people who are trying to automate their finances.

Thanks, Jessica

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