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Why i can't open an xlsx attachment throgh Android phone

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How can I open an attached Excel in Evernote App.

I want to open it with the Excel app installed on the Samsung (Android) phone.

Currently I can only view the Excel in Evernote. The Excel app does not open when I click on the Excel attachment in Evernote

Is there a solution?

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Hi.  The Excel file is stored as part of your database on the server,  not on your phone.  It's not stored as an Excel-readable file,  though it can be restored to that state by downloading it to your local device.  Both operations are designed not to max out your device storage space or your phone provider's download charges unless you choose to do so. 

An Excel file on your device will not be read by Evernote,  because Microsoft would be unhappy about that.  If you have an Excel-reading app (or even the free MS Excel app) on your phone,  it will open the file and allow you to view and edit it.  You would need to re-upload the file to Evernote as a new or replacement attachment to keep those edits.

There's no 'solution' that will open the file in Evernote - although you could copy and paste the Excel table from the file into a note directly,  or take a screenshot and paste the image if you wish it to be visible inline.

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