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Yo Evernote team


The Share URL feature for evernote is awesome. But it opens up 2 questions:

1. Why does the link have to be so long and ugly? Can you shorten these share URLs kind of like how youtube has their own short URLs?

2. Is there any way to track how many people clicked? Bit.ly shows basic info like Total clicks, # of clicks over time, # of clicks per country


But I prefer not to use bit.ly because I often share links with people in China. Bit.ly is blocked in China.

Can you add these features ?




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17 hours ago, AtotheK said:

Can you elaborate?

I can only copy a sharable link. No option to edit link.

I missed you were doing this via the share option.  If you copy the share URL and paste the link in email you can right click on it and edit the text.  A workaround for sure with not too much extra work.  Upside is you control the email.  FWIW.


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