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Help with BETA - can’t complete install

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I’m new to the BETA test program for the iOS app. Received my invite and downloaded the new beta app through Test Flight. Unfortunately I am not able to complete the install as it hangs on the initial configuration screen to setup notifications - tapping the “continue” button yields no action.

I can’t find anywhere In the Test Flight documentation how to get help other than to see the beta program email address - which I sent to but have received crickets.

Thought about uninstall/reinstall but I think I need a new Redeem code to do that.

I would look forward to contributing by being a tester and providing my feedback but am just about to punt...

I apologize if there is a separate discussion area or thread already, I searched but didn’t find it.


Thanks, Rob 

IPad Pro 12.9, 2nd Gen


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  • Evernote Staff*

Hello, thanks for reporting this and apologies for the trouble. We are investigating reports of this behavior on certain iPads and hope to have a fix soon.
However in the meantime, force quitting the application and relaunching should fix this. Let me know if that does not work for you. 

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