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I just noticed today that the checkbox or "To-Do Button" to create to-do list was recently moved from the visible ribbon to the "Insert" drop-down. I'm not sure why this was, but it was extremely helpful to have it as one of the readily accessible buttons. I'm aware that the "Checklist" button is still there as a listing item, but these cross off text when selected, unlike the To-Do Button. I use this constantly, almost in every note I create. I know this is minor, but it worked excellent the way it was. Is this a permanent change?

The instructions haven't been updated yet either: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209005597 


Thank you!


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I noticed this also while in a grocery list I hit return to go to a new line.  In the past it automatically created a checkbox on each line unless I hit return twice. Now it does NOT put a checkbox on the next line so I now have to move my hand off the keyboard to the mouse, select insert, select checkbox, move my hand back to the keyboard, type my item, hit return and then repeat that whole process again.  It's really annoying.  I used to just type apples, return, oranges, return, etc. But now it's a bit tedious considering it didn't used to be that way. I really don't understand why this was changed.

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This Subject was discussed in one of the „Behind the scenes“ video. You find them in the forum.

EN wants to improve on the use as a To-Do-Notetaking-Tool. Because of this they have created Checklists and Checkboxes as 2 separate tools, one for real lists of items, the other with more flexibility, to be placed among text.

The checklists in the video even had a feature to auto-sort itself, placing all unchecked items on top of the list, removing all checked ones to below the open items.

As this thread proves, you can add functions, but you will never reach everybody with your implementation. Personally I think the new options are an improvement over the current checkboxes. I think your use case is more a checklist case that the single Checkboxes . And I agree: The logic that after a checkbox the next new line should again be a checkbox, unless you do something special like typing ENTER twice makes sense.

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