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Zettelkasten tips

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11 hours ago, gregoldsoulio said:

Is there anyone willing to provide a comprehensive view on how they implement the Zettelkasten methodology in Evernote?

My understanding of the Zettelkasten methodology is

  1. Individual Notes
    1. each having a unique note-id
    2. identify note source
    3. identify note hierarchy;  optional for note sets
  2. Tags to identify the note topic(s)
  3. Links between notes
  4. Tag Index to find notes related to a topic

Notes are the basic element of Evernote   
I'm easy on the note content, however true Zettelkasten restricts the note to a single thought   
A template can be used

I use the generated Evernote note-id; (it's integral to the note link feature)
It's hidden metadata, but I append a copy to the note contents
example: 70b889b9-63fc-479f-ab98-5dd75e6bc2ed

There is a metadata field to identify the note source   
For note hierarchy, I include a table-of-contents section in the note

I use the Evernote tag feature   1736852973_ScreenShot2020-07-11at6_55_24AM.png.12837fac99adf7167717e86c7b9327eb.png
True Zettelkasten is restrictive on tags as described here   
(I still don't understand good/bad tags)
I avoid "orphan tags"; my tag-naming reflects tag hierarchy
example: Budget, Budget-Food, Budget-Housing, ...


I use the Evernote note link feature1196447868_ScreenShot2020-07-11at6_55_40AM.png.b8930ea9f450184a786ba77dc29d0ddf.png
It's actually a url like


To find Notes, Evernote has an extensive search feature
In addition to the tags assigned to the note
we can also use text search, dates, ....
More information at https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313828

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