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Unable to Share "Unable to request confirmation E-Mail. Please try again later"

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When I try to share a notebook, I receive a message to confirm my E-Mail.  I have already received the confirmation E-Mail and confirmed.  

However, when I try to share I receive the message to confirm my E-Mail.  When I choose confirm E-Mail, I get a popup saying "Unable to request confirmation E-Mail.  Please try again later"

My E-Mail address is correct.

Any ideas?

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On 7/9/2020 at 10:53 PM, Debra Villani said:

I do not get an error, but my link never reached the recipient.  Is it necessary to have the recipient be an Evernote subscriber?  I am using a free account, do I need to upgrade to the paid version to share?  

Hi.  The recipient need not be a user or subscriber.  Upgrading from free to subscriber does not include any greater sharing permission.

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