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Headers aren't available in Windows

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In the website for Evernote, it's completely different from the application (Windows) of Evernote- The GUI and layout is vastly different compared to the two.

i.e. the website provides me an option to choose different Header Styles while the application on my Windows just skips out on that part, the Windows version seems completely different

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Hi, and welcome to the forums. The interfaces for Evernote on the various platforms (Windows program, Web client, Mac program, iOS, Android) have always been different from one another, and their capabilities have always differed. Currently, I believe they're working to unify them as much as is possible (given the differences among operating systems). But the new look and capabilities have come to the Web beta first, and it is kind of a testing ground for what will eventually come to the other platforms, as I understand it--which means, however, that it is even more different from the current looks of those other platforms than it has ever been. What you do in the Web client in terms of headers, highlighting, etc., will show up in Windows (and the other platforms), with headers appearing as particular fonts and sizes. So it's possible to insert headers on the Web and at least get the look of headers in Windows. Eventually, it should all be unified and working the same or similarly on all platforms.

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