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I am new to Evernote. I am trying to share Web pages to Evernote via the android app.


On a webpage I want to send to Evernote I click on the share button and select Evernote. It creates a note and then does its clipping business but I can't seem to get it to actually save anything useful. It will ever just save the page title, baybe the first picture and a line of text. Sometime it only saves the cookie warning message (even if I had accepted it) with a word from the cookie message on a different line. 

Am I doing something wrong? 


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Hi.  When you get the green circle on screen that shows the share is happening,  tap the circle and check the options there.  You can choose either the full image or just the URL.  If full images aren't working,  try the URL option and check back later on a desktop to complete the clip.  Some web pages are 'unhelpful' with clips - especially pay-walled sites - because the share looks like another access to the site,  which prompts the log-in or cookie messages to show up all over again.  Evernote (currently) seems not to distinguish between admin messages and actual content,  so grabs whatever pops up however it can...

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