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Getting rid of the added "space" when I paste content into Evernote?



When I copy and paste material into Evernote, it adds a space (like " ") before the pasted material wherever there's content immediately before it. So like if I copy "John is good," it pastes as " John is good." This is obviously super annoying because then I have to delete the space every time this happens.

To clarify, it doesn't always add a space before the pasted content, but only when I have content immediately before the curser in the place where I've selected to paste the pasted material. But because of the research I'm doing, I am most often (almost always) pasting what are quotations from books I'm researching; and so I would like to be able to add quotation marks surrounding this material, thus immediately before where I "paste," without having that added space show up that I either have to go back and delete, or leave I have to leave out the quotation marks before I paste, so the space doesn't get added; but then have to go back and add those quotations marks after word. In either case, I'm having to clean up the text every time I paste quoted material, which is annoying and overtime time-consuming.

Anyways, anyone know how to get rid of this?

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