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I was entering information into a note. All of a sudden, the last 1/3 of the note was gone. Is there a way to get this information back? I have tried Evernote Web and the missing information was not there. If I upgrade to premium, will that allow me to see note history on this note or does that only apply to future notes?

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Hi.  If that information had been saved to Evernote's server - i.e. if you had closed the note or synced it prior to losing part of the content - you might be able to get the missing part back from Evernote's 'Note History' option for subscribers; provided the information had been on line for Evernote's backup systems to run.  This only happens a certain number of times each day, so something that saved 10 minutes ago would not be captured in History.

The best thing to do if something like this happens,  is to hammer the 'undo' function of whatever device you're using.  Ctrl-Z in this case.  If done as soon as you realise something went wrong,  that might have recovered the data.  By now I'm afraid it's too late and whatever you typed is gone.

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