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What did you do wrong with the latest version of the WebClipper?

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Dear Mr. and Mrs,
What did you do wrong with the latest version of the WebClipper? Specifically when we are going to organize our notebooks when we capture a website and we put a letter, for example "C" in the search engine, it shows us all the searches for that letter in any position of the titles of our notebooks, and NOT only, as before, the notebooks that begin with that letter. I don't know if I've explained myself well, but these new searches are not functional because they show all the notebooks and they don't discriminate.
Thank you. Kind regards.

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Hi.  This is a -mainly- user-supported Forum.  As you're a subscriber I'd suggest you raise this with Support as a bug.  Although Evernote staff do read the Forums,  it'll get attention much faster that way.  I verified that you're correct: type one letter and all the notebook names containing that letter are found.  Don't know if that's new - I hadn't noticed because my notebook names are prefixed by a special character (or two) like the vertical bar '|',  and when I search, '|B' turns up the four or five notebooks with that first letter combination. 

(For some weird reason typing the first two letters of a notebook name without a special character prefix still shows all the titles with that two-letter combination)

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