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(Archived) Tags with month names

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Thanks. In case I didn't word my question clearly, here it is again. Is there a way to have a saved search automatically pull up notes with a tag named after the current month without manually editing the saved search? I create a note today to remind me to review contracts next April and tag it with "April" and then select the This Month saved search to have it appear in that list during the month of April.

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There is one way of getting this to work—a batch file using the enscript showNotes. It would require you to think about how these tags are made.

Another option is if you can get by without a created date is edit this and use it as a due date.

Of course when we get the due date (here's looking at you Dave Engberg :D ) field I imagine you will be able to search the same as you do with the created/edited field.

Not sure what your experience is with the command line and batch files Let me know if you want some help to set up the enscript option to work with you tags and I'll post a result here.



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