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  1. Still no news? Especially of interest to me is the ability to have separate chats for separate topics.
  2. Try this blog post. http://www.thoughtasylum.com/blog/2010/3/14/an-improved-template-system-for-evernote.html I've extended on that using batch files to extract the OS user name, and dates to place into the template note.
  3. Check out this guys great post on some power creating notes. http://www.thoughtasylum.com/blog/2010/3/14/an-improved-template-system-for-evernote.html I've quite successfully taken his concept and extended it further to combine a bunch of separate files of each part of the notes EXEX that are combined with variables from the OS (windows user-name, current date, time, a command line input for project name) and then create a new note for each job as they come in.
  4. Thanks mcheng - not sure what the 'share bar' is but had a look and can't find the related chats in Windows or Android clients and your screenshot link doesn't work. Thanks for the effort though. S.
  5. Yes. I imagine in the 'context' panel there also to be the chats the note has been included in. Maybe a separate chats tab in context if there were a lot. My number one vote for work chat by far though would be for chat topics - that is that chats are created as unique threads irrespective of who the participants are. I may have one chat with a workmate around project X and another around project Y and I don't want the noise of these cross pollinating. Until then to be honest they are a bit of a gimmick IMO. Thanks for taking the feedback on board!
  6. Also another thought is how about the ability to add people to an existing chat?
  7. Am always pushing people I collaborate with to use Evernote - worst case I keep project info in a notebook and tell them in the I-am-hit-by-a-bus scenario they can find my working notes in that notrebook to keep up and running. Anyway I digress - work chat seems a good push for this but really needs IMO to be able to split into different chat streams. As in two different chats with the same person are not combined as they are two different projects/topics/whatever reason I want them separated. Also I think a chat search is needed. Another suggestion would be in the related content links to chats that the note has been included in - with the link ending at the part of the chat they were included. As it stands Work chat is a nice start but more just chat and less work in my opinion. S.
  8. AFAIK, the only way to do this is by changing the GUID. The two options GM mentioned should do it. As far as the first option, you may need to sync after moving the notes to the local notebook. I'm not sure. Moving the notes from a local notebook back to a synced notebook with no sync in between may cause EN to think the note really hasn't been changed & therefore no new GUID assigned. The second option will destroy any note history...if you care about that. ...both these options will also break links to this note I believe. Dangerous for a bulk action on a lot of notes if you use note links a lot.
  9. Ok so I used live supprt chat rather than waiting. I asked "All Southern Hemisphere or just some countries? Is all of the Northern Hemisphere working correctly or just some countries. " Will on their support team has ponted out "Actually, its some countries, I do not have information that specifies how many countries." So I guess it's not as simple as Southern Hemisphere. I have asked for a list of affected countires and will post here when I get it.
  10. Still no reply but if anyone from Evenote does come to this post topic by ticket is; - Ticket# 206098 - Atlas not showing notes (request #206098)
  11. Same prob. here with notes created in NZ. I have just logged a support request—suggest you all do the same at https://evernote.com/contact/support/ I'll post back when I hear which as premium is meant to be less than a day although my request I made a couple of weeks ago I chased them after four days of no response highlighting I was a premium user. It still took them another 5 days to get back to me.
  12. I really think there needs to be a better way to report an track these issuesand a list of known issues we can look up rather than having to scroll through various forum topics. A major which I reported in the comments to the blog announcement of beta one that is still there is the search syntax for "any tag" serches seems broken. If I do an any (or) serch it only behaves as an all (and) search. I have screen shots of this behaviour—if EN wnant these please contact me. As a premium subscriber should I be lodging beta bugs as support requests?
  13. Also for any one who is interested heer are my time and date entries in my Autohotkey setup. You'll see I have a set for sortable sierial number type time and date entries (20130813 || 201308131321) which I use all the time for file versions and sierial numbers etc. I also have versions which are more human friendly (13:21, Tue, 13 Aug 13 || Tue, 13 Aug 13). Should be able to make whatever you want from the code below. :*:;;today:: ; This hotstring replaces ";;today" with the current date and time via the commands below. FormatTime, CurrentDateTime,, yyyMMdd ; It will look like 20091013 SendInput %CurrentDateTime% return :*:;;now:: ; This hotstring replaces ";;now" with the current date and time via the commands below. FormatTime, CurrentDateTime,, yyyMMddHHmm ; It will look like 200910131057 SendInput %CurrentDateTime% return :*:;;time:: ; This hotstring replaces ";;time" with the current time and date via the commands below. FormatTime, CurrentDateTime,, HH:mm, ddd, d MMM yy ; It will look like 13:17, Tue, 13 Aug 13 SendInput %CurrentDateTime% return :*:;;date:: ; This hotstring replaces ";;Date" with the current date via the commands below. FormatTime, CurrentDateTime,, ddd, d MMM yy ; It will look like Mon, 26 Apr 10 SendInput %CurrentDateTime% return
  14. Seems it's a known bug: We apologize for the inconvenience, however it appears there is currently a bug causing this. We appreciate you taking the time to send us this error. We have filed an internal bug report with the QA team lead. She will classify and fix the bugs in the order determined by the project Lead. Unfortunately this is not something I can fix for you at this time. Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience. Thanks for making Evernote a better product.
  15. Tried this and it still seems to download a bit. See results below. Took me ages to make the support request—it seems the form just hangs if you enter more than a few lines so the full details are here where I have linked support to for more info. For support ticket #10598 With the new Android app images captured from within Evernote have low quality. All were taken with 8mp selected in the camera but are being somehow down-sampled. There is also a forim post on this http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/36660-resolution-setting-doesnt-work-in-new-camera-function-in-android-evernote/?p=201556Native Android camera, photo then shared to Evernote - 2448 x 3264Evernote image note w/ Settings > note creation > Activate multishot camera un checked - 2448 x 3264Evernote image note w/ Settings > note creation > Activate multishot camera checked - 2448 x 1836Page scan - 900 x 1200Page scan - 767 x 1108
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