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How to Really Impress Your Boyfriend When He Comes over to Your House

Is your boyfriend arriving to your house for the first time? Nervous enough? As you know he will pay a visit tomorrow, so you have lots of time to get prepared. Do some home cleaning with a vacuum cleaner, remove the junk that is sitting around, and make yourself pretty and ready.

You may have many things in mind that you want to prepare. Still, if you refer to the list below, you may manage to cover just about every one of the basics. Let’s check them out!

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1. Clean the inside of your fridge


Remember the last time you tidied up your fridge? Many people know that cleaning out the refrigerator is a necessity but do not want to do it. It usually results in aged leftovers.

To stay away from any embarrassment, get rid of anything too old. Check the dates of expiration on jars, etc. Throw away those that are questionable.

After that, wipe down the inside of your refrigerator using a soapy sponge. Next, dry it out with a towel. A neat fridge shows that you take care of your health.

2. Care about your pets

Be sure the cat box and other pet areas are clean. To make your dog calm when your male companion shows up, take her for a walk. Putting her outside until your significant other leaves is usually a good decision. Do not forget to remove the pet hair from your couch using a vacuum cleaner.

3. Get rid of dead flowers

Imagine you are walking into a place for the first time. What will you notice right away? Most of the time, you will see whether the houseplants are alive or not. Those that are nearly dead will probably make your guest feel unsettled.

So, remove any dead plants. Get rid of the fallen leaves from the live ones. If your time allows, take them outside and spray them lightly with water to dust the leaves.

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4. Make the area under the toilet seat free from dirt and germs

In a girl’s place, you may not ever lift the toilet seat unless you need to detail the toilet bowl. Differently, boys will raise it every time.

Before he comes over, clean that area. Also, be sure the entire toilet is polished clean and shiny.

5. Tidy up the sofa


When was the last time you did vacuum cleaning between and underneath your sofa cushions? Check to see whether there are any stuff and dirt stuck there. Vacuum them quickly. If it is clean enough, there will be no need to worry about your guest finding any debris or loose coins.

6. Look under your bed

This is a favorite place for lost socks, dusty stuffed animals, and possibly some embarrassing things you would not wish your man to see. You should dust the space under the bed once a week, indeed. If you have pets, you are likely to find many strange things there - for example, old chicken bones.

Your boyfriend would not likely look under your bed. Still, who knows? He may do so if he drops something or by chance kicks his shoes under there. Clean and safe or possibly being embarrassed. The choice is yours.

7. Test the smell

It is possible for your house to hold a scent, whether it is pleasant or not. Whether your man has a good impression or not when showing up for the first time partly depends on how nice or how bad your place smells.

The best way to eliminate bad odors is making your apartment shine with a vacuum cleaner and emptying the trash. Check your pile carpets, bedroom, and sofa for any odd smells from food, dirty clothes, or pet accidents.

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The bottom line

When your boyfriend comes over for the first time, we are sure you want your house to look as attractive as possible! Groom yourself and take some steps to clean up your house. It is not rocket science but easy and quick to do. Be sure to keep this key in mind: your goal should be to make him feel most welcome.

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