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I can't do anything

César Bustíos


I was trying to update an old note (last updated 2018), and then everything started to fall apart. Notes won't save, I can't create a new note, can't duplicate or delete the old note. It takes a lot of time to try to complete any of the mentioned actions and then it just won't do anything.

From JS console I see many of these:

[14:16:43:0407] ERROR: en-conduit-web-worker: SyncManager activity threw an error IncrementalSyncActivity Error: Index component: id does not exist in the configured index paths for node type: Note


Uncaught (in promise) MultiError: Timed out waiting to acquire mutex "GraphDB Orchestrator.runMutatorOptimistic", currently locked by "GraphDB Orchestrator.forceDownsync"

I'm using Evernote from web application with Google Chrome in Linux.

Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks.

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I was told I needed to update the Evernote plugin for Firefox, I did and it will not allow me to clip notes again. When I try to log in, the login screen flashes and then nothing happens. Click on the elephant icon, and something flashes and disappears. I deleted the plugin, rebooted and reinstalled the plugin and the same thing happens. I am using a paid version, so I'd really like to have the functionality restored. Any ideas?

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