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Each save creates a new link to the same note in the list of notes



I am on windows. Each time Evernote automatically saves my work, it creates a new link to that note in the left hand list of notes. I have to scroll through endless links to the same note to find other notes. I am new to Evernote on a computer. Is this for real? Any way to change it? Incredibly frustrating as I constantly switch between notes.

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This looks like the phenomenon of duplicated notes in the Web beta that is being discussed in the Web beta forum in several threads, e.g.:

See my recent post there: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/107764-duplicating-notes/?do=findComment&comment=564059.

There is also a report of this happening in the Android beta:

Right now, the best move seems to be to stop using the beta version until they fix this. It would be good for the people posting here to post in those other threads to help consolidate the reports of the problem.


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@Dave-in-Decatur thank you for the reply!  This was my first time posting in the community forums and I just replied to the first thread I saw.  I started reading around more once I made the post and I did exactly as you suggested.  I stopped using beta and went back to the "old version"...except I am still encountering the same issues using chrome, but now it just does not make as many copies.

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