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(Archived) Play Android Audio Notes in Windows


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Dave, thank you for your reply. Are there any plans to have the Android app create audio notes in a more widely used file format, such as MP3? I haven't used RealPlayer in years and would prefer to stay away from QuickTime if possible.

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The operating system records to AMR by default on most Android phones. Unfortunately, Java-based applications on the Android don't have enough CPU capacity to re-encode them in anything close to realtime, so it's a bit tough without support from the operating system.

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I use the phenomenal application Recordoid Dictaphone Lite to record audio notes. (Be sure to change to High Quality in the settings)

I then share the note to Evernote and voilá you get really high quality audio notes (I was actually shocked about the quality that my phone could produce). Leaps and bounds better than the built in functionality of Evernote.

And it looks great too:


Recordoid by Johan Larsson, on Flickr

The only downside to it is that you're limited to 3 minute-notes with the free version and you cannot currently buy the full version on the Market.

Link to their website: http://www.somyac.com/recordoid/recordoid.html

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