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Can't delete and create note



I think this is a sudden technical bug. 

I created a new note yesterday but it does not save any content and is not deleted at all.

Even I can't create a new one. When I click the 'New note' button(+), it shows the one with problem that I created yesterday.

Is this the bug for everyone now? 

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I am experience a similar problem.  Current issues

  • When I try to update a note with new content, it doesn't save.
  • When navigating back to recently updated note from another, the content can't load and all I see is green spinning icon
  • I can not create a new note 
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On 5/17/2020 at 9:18 PM, elitonali said:

Exactly the same to me.

But only on pc, on Android it works. 

Is there anybody that can suggest a solution?

I think this bug happens on new Evernote Web version. I changed from new one to old one, and it worked. 

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