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Hi folks - new to the Forum,

I am using Evernote on a couple of PC's... One has a time zone of US Eastern and the other is using Australian Eastern.... I would like be enter the time for Notes in US Eastern regardless of which PC I am using... IS there a way to specify the time zone Evernote defers to (rather than system time)?



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Hi.  The note date and time is taken from your system settings and in 99.9% of cases that's fine for normal activities.  You could add an accurate time stamp to the body or title of your notes so the content is independent of the system time,  or you could (I think) use an app like Filterize on the time-shifted account which might enable you to 'correct' the time details for each note as it is synced.  (Filterize works from 'rules' like "look at each new note and replace <timestamp> with <timestamp + time correction>")

Not exactly sure how that might be set up,  but that's all that I can think of for now...

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