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Note contents entered on iOS not visible elsewhere


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V10.0 (1098863). Created a note whose contents was a URL. Sync done. The note is visible in other Evernote instances (Beta and release on Windows), but the link is missing.


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Grrr..  I manually entered a long note, with title on the iPad. No copy/paste - just typing. Opened Evernote Beta on Windows - shows as "Untitled note" with no content. The note on the iPad then gets the contents and title wiped out. 

Before it disappeared, I tried to preserve it by selecting Duplicate Note. It duplicated the empty note.

Now I have to redo the note, but I won't use the beta (on the iPad nor Windows.)

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Tried it in reverse. Entered a note with title in the Windows beta.  A different weird thing happens.... In the sidebar on the iPad I can see the title and text, but the main content screen shows only the title, no text until I tap on another note and then go back to the new one. Then the change appears.

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