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The keyboard shortcut does not work in other languages!



The web client doesn’t have keyboard shortcuts for formatting text if another language is enabled on the keyboard.

For example, it works Ctrl+B to highlight in bold, but does not work Ctrl+И (on the Russian keyboard).
Works Ctrl+U for underlining, but doesn't work Ctrl+Г (on the Russian keyboard).
And other shortcuts...

It’s very inconvenient to switch to English every time !!!

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Hi.  I don't remember anyone else raising this.. ever.. but that doesn't mean it's not a fair point,  and if it applies to all non-English keyboards,  it's certainly something which needs to be on Evernote's radar.  If you use Facebook or Twitter I'd suggest messaging them direct to add some emphasis,  but it will be interesting to get some other language feedback on this. 

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