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I love the web clipper, in the last couple of days I notice that it returns only 'blank'. May I check are all notebooks handled equally (eg if someone shares a notebook with me does web clipper have access to the content?).   MacOS Safari and EN app all up to date versions.

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Hi there, as long as the notebook shared to your account has given you edit access, you should be able to save a web clip to it.

Does this only happen on notebooks shared to you or does it also happen with notebooks you're the owner of, too? 

Does this only happen in the Safari Web Clipper version, or does it also happen in the Chrome or Firefox Web Clippers (just to compare behavior, even if you don't use those browsers)?

It also may be useful to get in touch with our support team to dig into this further if you haven't already.

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Thx for your interest.  My problem is with Web Clipper delivering finds alongside a google search.  FWIW the name 'web clipper' only suggests half of the functionality - the search your notes when you do a google search is really valuable.  I will escalate to support  


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