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(Archived) Divide Evernote into profiles?

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I'm sure this has been suggested before and I'm not positive it isn't already possible, but it would be an awesome feature if you could divide Evernote into different profiles along with folders and tags.

I use evernote for plenty of stuff and I have fourteen folders and over a hundred tags (if 'child tags' are included). Now fortunately this is all organized very logically so it's very useful.

But when I see things that does not fit into this system or is incompatible for some other reason (such as trying this GTD thing) I would love to just press a profile button such as "GTD" and all the folders and tags from my previous system would hide and my GDT folders and tags would become visible.

I guess you could do this by having two accounts but that does not seem so smooth to me. I just don't want folders and tags that belong to a separate system to get mixed up with the main one. Everything is sorted alphabetically and it would be awesome if you could separate a profile of folders and tags from another. The hierarchy would then be Profile - Folder - Tags and Child Tags.

I imagine this would mean that users could try many new ways to organize notes without losing what they have.

Of course many would probably never use or see the Profile option but for me it would be a killer feature, maybe a premium feature?


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I came up with a work around that is a bit more tedious but it does work for me.

I have 2 major groups in Evernote.

- political news in a notebook named Politics

- and everything else - family, friends, job, hobbies

Evernote allows a negative search for tags and words, (-Tag:House or -Home)

Evernote does NOT allow a negative search for notebooks. (-Notebook:Politics is a no no)

Fortunately I don't have any relatives or friends named Hillary, Nancy, or Harry (and definitely no one named Barack). So all my notes that are in the Politics notebook are tagged with Hacks. You can probably guess which side of the aisle I lean toward.

Most of my saved searches for non-political stuff end with the negative -tag:Hacks

example: "Phil Brown" -tag:Hacks will find all notes that contain my neighbor Phil Brown and are not in the Politics notebook

And for database housekeeping every few days, I run a saved search to make sure all my Political notes are tagged properly.

example: notebook:Politics -tag:Hacks any that show up are tagged and join the big Hack list in the clouds

It's easier than it sounds. Really!

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That's a very clever system and though it's not the press of a button it is easier than it sounds. So if I would do this GTD thing I could tag all my notes 'GDT' and then do a negative tag search on that to hide it all. Didn't know about saving searches that's very useful too. A profile option would still be a good thing but this is workable too. Thanks.

And you don't need to be on either side of the aisle to tag Hillary, Nancy and Harry as hacks that's just proper organizing.

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And you don't need to be on either side of the aisle to tag Hillary, Nancy and Harry as hacks that's just proper organizing.

I lived in Massachusetts for 40 years and the word HACK was synonymous with just about all politicians. ("The Big Dig")

Now I live in Minnesota and the politicians out here are too polite. No scandals. Kind of boring to be honest.

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