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Web clipper option to delete images!



So...often when I'm "web-clipping" an article, they've loaded it with generic stock photo images. While this makes your typical informational page more pleasing to the eye and inviting to read, I truly do not need the extra images when I reference the article I've clipped!

A very EASY ADD would be to include an "IGNORE THIS IMAGE" button on each graphic/image in the "simplified article" view when you are previewing your selection! What a treat to be able to say "no thanks" to uploading all of the non-essential elements of a clipped page! Even if it was a minimal "blank" placeholder graphic, (possibly needed for formatting reasons?), it would be better than having to go and manually delete unnecessary elements later.

Seems like a pretty easy additional feature to me!

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Modern web pages are build from a database, collecting all kind of stuff and construct a page out of it. Often the web sites owner just provides a placeholder, the picture will come from another site, often out of control for the web site owner (like personalized ads). A web site on a code level is not as simple as it seems when viewed. If you remove a picture, there still is a space where the placeholder is located. And if you remove placeholders, you need to reformat the whole web page.

Web clipper is there to clip content, not to edit it.

If you want to get just content, many web sites offer a reader view, that can be clipped. If you want to get rid of pictures, it is often simpler to copy the text from the clipped site, than to try to remove the picture itself. I personally prefer not to waste my time on stuff like this.


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