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Hello all, 

I have a question regarding editing PDFs through Evernote with my iPad. On my my Mac, I am able to click on a PDF in Evernote and select open in PDFViewer in order to make edits to the PDF. When I save in PDFViewer, any changes I make automatically show up in Evernote. However, when I open PDFs through Evernote on my iPad I do not see such an option. It seems the only way to work around this is to save a copy, edit it, then re-upload it into Evernote (which is a real pain as I mainly use my iPad for research articles as opposed to my Mac and do not want to have to keep deleting copies). 

Is there any workaround to this problem or am I missing something? 


Edit**: I feel that is should add that I am brand new to Evernote and am in the process of moving from OneNote since I am completely engrained in the iOS/Apple world.  

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Not a great workaround as far as I know. I’ve been dreaming of better PDF annotation in iOS for years. The fastest way I know is to open the pdf into an annotation app (like PDF expert), and when done editing, enter split screen and then drag the file over from that app into the existing EN note. I keep clean and annotated copies of my PDFs this way, but you may prefer to delete the clean copy. 

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for annotations: give Noteshelf a try, it has an integration with Evernote, means your Noteshelf notes (e. g. handwritten notes or annotated PDFs) are exported (and continuously updated) to Evernote (as a note with images). You can even tag those exported notes in Evernote - Tags remain even if you update the  note in Noteshelf.

So, for quick & dirty annotations I use the EN built-in tools, for more I use Noteshelf.

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